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Since 1997, Loyola has been supporting Air Force environmental decision makers by converting hard copy and CD/DVD documents into digital libraries and making them searchable and accessible over the Web. Loyola currently hosts the Air Combat Command (ACC) Administrative Record (AR) web site which provides selective and immediate access to a complete set of AR and other relevant Installation Record documents that support site cleanup actions. These electronic documents are being continuously updated by Loyola document specialists who conduct on-site visits to capture paper and electronic documents which are then processed and made available using the AR Document Portal.

AR Portal

The Administrative Record Portal is a web-based digital library used by ERP personnel, base commanders, regulators, and the public to share information about installation site cleanup. The portal was developed to comply with legal requirements consistent for public access to installation environmental information and provides controlled access to AR documents using a request and authorization protocol.

Secure Access

The diagram shows how authorized users use the Secure side of the AR Document Portal. Secure access requires a user login and password. The username is used to provide access rights and privileges to individuals needing local access to installation documentation, or global access to all documentation. This protocol was directed by the ACC Restoration Program Manager to limit access to information on an installation-specific basis or to other groups.

The AR establishes the documentary basis for selection of a response action for each site. The AR website allows public participation in the process of response selection. Public users can view document titles using the same search engine as the Secure users, however must request authorization from an installation RPM to download a specific document. The AR website can be viewed by selecting the following link: www.a7installations.org

Administrative Records are tools used by ERP personnel, base commanders, regulators, and the public to facilitate site cleanup. The AR is a collection of documents compiled by each installation Restoration Program Manager to document the selection of environmental response actions for the Air Force Environmental Restoration Program (ERP). All installations have a complete Administrative Record and encourage public use of these resources. The Loyola-hosted Administrative Record Portal is actively being used by over 90 secure users at ACC installations for ERP projects, and hundreds of others using the easy and convenient public web site to browse for historical documentation.

Document Portal

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