Loyola Enterprises

A certified Service Disabled Veteran and Minority Owned Small Business.

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(757) 498-6118 : Phone
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Corporate Extensions
101 - Terrain Services
103 - Information Services
109 - Audio Visual Systems
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Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)
Category 1
1. Did the contractor demonstrate compliance with the scope of their contract? Yes
2. Did the contractor demonstrate compliance with the Trade Agreements Act? Yes
3. Is the pricelist being used by the contractor the current approved pricelist? Yes
4. Does the contractor have a system in place that substantially identifies, tracks and reports GSA sales accurately and completely? Yes
5. Is the contractor meeting or exceeding minimum contract sales requirement in accordance with the Contract Sales Criteria clause? Yes
6. Does the contractor have a system in place to monitor the "basis of award" customer discount relationship? Yes
7. Did the contractor charge customers the contract price or lower? Yes
8. Is the contractor complying with the Economic Price Adjustment clause of the contract? Yes
9. If a Commercial or Individual Subcontracting Plan is required, did the contractor meet the goals specified in the plan or is the contractor progressing toward meeting the goals specified in the plan? N/A
10. Is the contractor accurately identifying products that have environmental attributes? N/A
Category 2
11. Since the issuance of the most recent Report Card but no more than 36 months back, are the contractor's Reports of Sales on time? Yes
12. Since the issuance of the most recent Report Card but no more than 36 months back, has the contractor remitted the Industrial Funding Fee on time? Yes
13. Is the contractor up-to-date on GSA Advantage!? Yes
14. Is the contractor delivering timely based upon a sampling of orders? Yes
15. Is the contractor honoring warranty terms of the contract? Yes
16. Is the contractor capable of accepting the Government wide Commercial Purchase card? Yes
17. Is the contractor's records location and administrative representative information correct? (e.g., address, phone, fax, e-mail, etc.) Yes
18. Has the contractor complied with Change of Name and/or Novation Agreement requirements? N/A
19. Since the issuance of the most recent Report Card but no more than 36 months back, is the contractor free of cure notices issued by the Schedule Contracting Officer (PCO or ACO)? Yes
20. If there are participating dealers, are the dealers listed and current in the contract pricelist and GSA Advantage!? N/A
21. If the contract has prompt payment discounts, are the prompt payment terms shown on the invoices? N/A
Category 3
22. Is the contractor being proactive in proposing to add and delete items from the contract? Yes
23. Does the contractor accept credit cards over the micro-purchase threshold? Yes
24. Is the contractor using all applicable e-contracting tools (e.g., eMod, eBuy, ePay)? No
25. Does the contractor offer second tier pricing discounts on blanket purchase agreements issued against this contract? N/A
26. If there are contractor teaming arrangements, do these arrangements address how customer service and warranty issues will be resolved? N/A
27. Is the contractor free from bankruptcy proceedings? Yes